I love sunrises – waking up early to greet the day. My heart fills in such a special way to see God’s beauty in creation. So, I drove a little way up the mountain to find a viewing place. Suddenly, God placed a road name in my heart. I had my doubts, but as I arrived, I came across a wide-open space where I could see so much of Sydney – the city scape, Penrith lakes, the hills and gullies, right up to the Hawkesbury. Just lovely.

It’s funny (not) how you can argue with yourself and God because you thought He was wrong, or you didn’t think you’d really heard from God, or you just didn’t want to do it. This opportunity had no risk attached, so I followed the prompting. O me of little faith!

It was quite fresh – it was winter! – but I still put the car window down. I was greeted by wattle birds singing and cockatoos squawking directions as they headed out for their day. Oh, and the glow – the reds and oranges as the sun crept its way to the horizon.

I find such joy and peace in creation, watching God at work, breathing in the calm, the beauty, the space. I am full of contentment and gratitude. Sometimes a beautiful concert or musical will fill me, too. Or watching children play, sing, laugh, run. Like my emotions are getting a tune up, my heart’s fuel tank is being topped up. I even cried once at my daughter’s dance class, filled with joy as these little people danced, listening to their wonderful teacher, moving their sweet little bodies to their own special version of the choreography.

Where is your place to have a heart refill?

‘I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.’

Eric Liddell – Chariots of Fire

We need these moments – having our hearts filled with joy and smiles and wonder and peace. They help us through the days, the pain, the work, and the unknown. We gain strength from these times –  

“The joy of the Lord is our strength”

Nehemiah 8:10

As I was watching the sunrise, a verse from Malachi 4:2 dropped in my heart –

‘…the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings.’

I pondered on this as I saw the changing colours and light. I recalled other verses that use wings as metaphors for God’s goodness and mercy to us. How wonderful to be able to hide under His wings -to find healing, shelter, forgiveness, peace and comfort. We have a place to go!

Later I noticed the caveat in this verse, ‘But to you who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise…”

What is it to fear our wonderful God? It is acknowledging Him, revering Him, obedience and worship. We read and believe His Word in wonder.

Healing, peace, comfort don’t just come. Oh, they are there for us. His promises are “Yes, and Amen”. God’s heart is for healing, victory, overcoming. But the promises of God don’t just fall out of heaven. Oh, the world would like it that way – ‘If God was a good God…’  So would many Christians. But what is our attitude? Where is the ‘fear’? Where is our prayer, “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”?

He is ready to welcome us to Himself. He wants us to come under His wings. And so we come, with reverence and awe and wonder and worship and faith to our great God. “The Sun of righteousness will rise”!


Jenni xx


  1. Search ‘wings’ in the Bible and find yourself hidden under His goodness.
  2. Breathe in God’s creation, or take time for the activity that fills your heart with gratefulness and praise, that draws you closer to Jesus.
  3. Come before Him with worship and awe, and seek Him for the things on your heart. Believe His goodness, trust His promises and wait expectantly.

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